New York Fashion Week

Fashion weeks in New York are held every February and September each year. Normally lasting about 7-9 days, international fashion collections are showcased to potential buyers. It has been ranked among the big four fashion weeks in the world, joined by the other three, in Paris, London and Milan. Despite the creation of the New York Fashion Week in 1993, some cities had already been using the names of their cities like London with the’ Fashion Week’ tittle. Many branded events have been featured in this fashion week including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the MADE Fashion Week. It is disappointingly an invite only affair and only the famous world celebrities get to attend. However, one can still get you tube videos and pictures. Significance of this fashion week in New York is estimated at 887 million pounds.
Origin of the fashion week
The founder, Eleanor Lambert was the press director of the New York Dress Industry. The first fashion week, then referred to as the Press Week, was a distraction to divert people’s attention from the second world war .Fashion insiders could no longer travel to Paris for the French shows and therefore this was to bring attention to American designs that had been neglected by many fashion journalists. The fashion week did not disappoint for many of the fashion magazines started featuring America’s fashions. In the year 2001 the Press Week which had come to be popularly referred to as “’7th on sixth’’ was bought by IMG. Soon after a camera company going by the name Olympus started sponsoring IMG events and renamed it from “’7th on sixth’’ to Olympus Fashion Week. Originally, the events were streamed in you tube for viewers to watch or download from there but since 2010 the designers have been streaming the events live.
Important events
In the February event of the year 2014 Dr. Danielle graced the red carpet in a wheelchair modelling for Carrie Hammer. For Carrie Hammer, the first quadruple amputee Karen walked down the New York Fashion Week red carpet in the same year. Actress Jamie Brewer was the first model with Down syndrome to walk down the red carpet. After the 2016 season, the designers changed their norm of trying or experimenting the showcased designs after around six months to immediately after the shows or even during the shows. This new culture was given the name “’see now buy now. ’This would late greatly transform the general Fashion week by classifying trends as in season and out of season. Those trends considered in season were used on the runway in real time. In the year 2015, the first New York Fashion Week featuring men’s wear was held spearheaded by CFDA.
The New York Fashion Week was started to showcase America’s fashions to the world and this has so far been greatly achieved now that this Fashion Week is considered among the top four. In addition to showcasing fashion, it helps in bringing people together where even the designers get to share and compare notes. It has also been noted that this Fashion Weeks contribute a generous amount to the economy growth of New York.
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