New York Fashion Week

Fashion weeks in New York are held every February and September each year. Normally lasting about 7-9 days, international fashion collections are showcased to potential buyers. It has been ranked among the big four fashion weeks in the world, joined by the other three, in Paris, London and Milan. Despite the creation of the New York Fashion Week in 1993, some cities had already been using the names of their cities like London with the’ Fashion Week’ tittle. Many branded events have been featured in this fashion week including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the MADE Fashion Week. It is disappointingly an invite only affair and only the famous world celebrities get to attend. However, one can still get you tube videos and pictures. Significance of this fashion week in New York is estimated at 887 million pounds.
Origin of the fashion week
The founder, Eleanor Lambert was the press director of the New York Dress Industry. The first fashion week, then referred to as the Press Week, was a distraction to divert people’s attention from the second world war .Fashion insiders could no longer travel to Paris for the French shows and therefore this was to bring attention to American designs that had been neglected by many fashion journalists. The fashion week did not disappoint for many of the fashion magazines started featuring America’s fashions. In the year 2001 the Press Week which had come to be popularly referred to as “’7th on sixth’’ was bought by IMG. Soon after a camera company going by the name Olympus started sponsoring IMG events and renamed it from “’7th on sixth’’ to Olympus Fashion Week. Originally, the events were streamed in you tube for viewers to watch or download from there but since 2010 the designers have been streaming the events live.
Important events
In the February event of the year 2014 Dr. Danielle graced the red carpet in a wheelchair modelling for Carrie Hammer. For Carrie Hammer, the first quadruple amputee Karen walked down the New York Fashion Week red carpet in the same year. Actress Jamie Brewer was the first model with Down syndrome to walk down the red carpet. After the 2016 season, the designers changed their norm of trying or experimenting the showcased designs after around six months to immediately after the shows or even during the shows. This new culture was given the name “’see now buy now. ’This would late greatly transform the general Fashion week by classifying trends as in season and out of season. Those trends considered in season were used on the runway in real time. In the year 2015, the first New York Fashion Week featuring men’s wear was held spearheaded by CFDA.
The New York Fashion Week was started to showcase America’s fashions to the world and this has so far been greatly achieved now that this Fashion Week is considered among the top four. In addition to showcasing fashion, it helps in bringing people together where even the designers get to share and compare notes. It has also been noted that this Fashion Weeks contribute a generous amount to the economy growth of New York.
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Milan Fashion Week

Milan is the second largest city of Italy. It is the capital city of Lombardy . People call it the economy capital and also the cradle of art and the hometown of the genius. The most important is that it is the home of the unique working style and life style. So it is believed as the most important city in Italy. The area of Milan covers about 181.75 sq km with a population of two million.

Milan is also considered as most fashionable city of Europe. Right after Rome, this is the second largest cosmopolitan city in Italy. People of Milan are very conscious about their hair style, outfits and perfumes. That is why this city leads in design and fashion technology. In fact, there are many designer shops and boutiques where you can pick up branded attire and accessories.

In Milan, you’ll find visitors who are serious about shopping making their way to Via Montenapoleone, where luxury brand La Perla is Mecca for women looking for the most beautiful, delicate lace and silk confections. The street is also home to Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Venezia, Gucci-household names in the world of the big-budget fashionista.

Milan Fashion Week

The status of Milan in the fashion business can be seen unmistakably from the semi-yearly fashion week held by Milan. Amid February to March every year, it is the Spring/Summer occasion and later from September to October, it is the Autumn/Winter occasion. Therefore, Milan is the world’s concentration which will be specified ordinarily in the breaking news amid these two occasions.

Milan’s version of the week was established in 1958 and is a piece of the Big Four universally. It is possessed by a philanthropic affiliation which trains, facilitates and advances the improvement of Italian Fashion and is in charge of facilitating the fashion occasions and shows of Milan called Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. The first Italian Fashion Week was not held in Milan, rather it was held in Florence on account of Giovan Battista Giorgini.This affiliation is focused on propelling Italy’s fashion and encouraging the fashion week. It is possessed by a charitable affiliation which teaches, arranges and advances the improvement of Italian Fashion and is in charge of facilitating the fashion occasions and shows of Milan called Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. The first Italian Fashion Week was not held in Milan, rather it was held in Florence because of Giovan Battista Giorgini. He held the primary “fashion parade” in the front room of his home “Manor Torrigiani”. Then the Italian week later moved to Rome, and after that Milan where it is at present held in haute style today.

At Milan Fashion Week, Lanvin stood out, showing many dresses cut from a single piece of stretch fabric with folds that ranged from the flowery to the straight edged. It was all about winter, but with feathers and furs added in, bold as the African plains that inspired them. Colors were all about the browns and greys, so the eyewear needs to fit with sun and bushland in order to be in sync. Lanvin’s 2135s have what it takes. Sure, they’re not subtle, but then neither is a rhino. If you’re feeling super bold try the 2147s. There can’t be many sunglasses that feature screws in the frame married to animal print. They’re half leopard, half Land Rover.




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What is couture fashion?

Couture refers to an extraordinary design of dressing or clothing. In the realm of style and high form, the highest point of the line, top mold plans are regularly alluded to as couture. Being at the tallness of what is new, stylishly present and at the most noteworthy end of style to the point where you are even ached for by your form peers is to be “couture.”

Couture dresses are all the rage in Hollywood and even amongst well to do fashionistas who can afford to dish up some serious dough for customized gowns and attire. Couture may refer to unique things to various people. The word reference even has several definitions for what precisely couture is.

Couture houses every now and again turn out expound outfits, dresses, and marriage wear. The French planners have dependably been in front of the design bend. English creators are getting acknowledgment for themselves in the realm of high mold. Every year, the form world starts searching for the new huge thing in the top of the line and couture mold. The less expensive garments you find on the rack are sufficiently bad for it.

Couture Fashion Week is dominated by the world class of the design business. Just best originators are highlighted amid Couture Fashion Week. Following is a gathering of a couple of the originators who have participated in the Couture Fashion Show 2009, including the much pined for ‘couture’ to their status.

For the greater part, couture implies customized, well fitting, specially designed clothing. This implies your garments are made to arrange with your correct estimations and style details. To others, couture may just mean created by a designer. Still, it is also a term loosely applied to describe the quality style or fashion. It is a term borrowed from the French but is now used in English amongst the highly fashionable elite crowd.

The best examples of high-quality couture clothing are the elaborate dresses worn by celebrities during red carpet events. Knowing that paparazzi will capture them, celebrities make every effort to appear stunning. This includes not only immaculate makeup artistry done by professionals but also hiring top fashion designers weeks if not months in advance to create a one of a kind dress just for the single occasion.

Fashion designers jump at this opportunity to showcase their latest designs, knowing the photos taken by the paparazzi will be widely distributed and thus they will obtain free publicity! It is a win-win situation for both designers and celebrities.

Famous people highly affect buyer design. It has turned into an ordinary event for offers of a specific thing of attire to radically increment when a VIP has been spotted wearing a specific thing. Couture dresses on celebrity central likewise warrant a similar impact, expanding an originator’s presentation and hence her validity and innovativeness in the very focused form world.

Although couture dresses can be made elaborate for the prestigious celebrity icon, couture dresses can also be made for everyday wear. Simply, a dress can be considered couture if it is merely tailored to fit your body, of high quality, or made from a designer. The term is loosely applied to many things about the fashion industry.





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Who invented denim jeans?

The history of cotton denim jeans is an interesting journey through the great sea explorations of the 1500’s, to Italian and French fabric weaving, to slavery and gold mining, right to present-day $3000 designer jeans!The adventure begins with the blue in blue jeans. Indigo dye was a plant derivative before a synthetic was invented by a German chemist the late 1800’s.

You look back into the past; Denim Jeans are the most versatile attire of the century. This attire got popularity by Men and Women both. It is not even limited to a single country; people in all countries wear denim jeans.

This is the most popular attire for the whole generation as well. Starting from kids to senior citizens all like to wear it. It is a must have in wardrobe as well. One can pair it with different types of tops, t-shirts and blouses.

Because we all wear it, we must dig deep into the origin of Denim Jeans.

Before you move ahead, you must know that Denim is a type of fabric and Jeans is a Type of attire. We combine both the things to make it an outfit name ‘Denim Jeans.’ The name ‘Denim’ was given after the place from where it originated in the year 1849, the birthplace of denim fabric is ‘De Nims’ which is situated in the country France. Since then, it has been recognized as one of the most durable and reliable fabric for pants.

Basic about Denim Fabric Colors

Denim fabric comes in three color variations, The raw dark denim, the medium blue and the light one. The raw dark color denim takes the minimum wash time and the light one requires maximum wash time. However, you need to add fabric softener when you wash jeans for a better outcome.

Nowadays there are many types of Jeans available for Men and Women in the market. Some of the most popular types of them are low rise jeans, mid-rise jeans, high-rise jeans, boot cut jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight jeans, skinny jeans and much more. The types of denim jeans vary as per washes too, which also means shades of jeans. The most popular Jeans washes are stonewashed, classic, acid wash, dirty and distressed.




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Charles Frederick Worth

Modern fashion design manages to combine natural beauty with different accessories, clothing or aesthetics items, creating a true piece of art. Modern fashion finds itself in a continuous dynamic and the designers have to anticipate the further trends, in order to realize appealing clothing lines. However, modern fashion design is not just about the looks, and the creators have to realize clothing and accessories, which are appealing and fully functional, for a daily use. As fascinating as it may sound, the history of modern fashion design is even more interesting. In the following article, we will tell you more about the father of modern fashion design, which is Charles Frederick Worth and what he managed to accomplish during his career.

Beginning of his career

Charles Frederick Worth’s story started in 1846, when he moved to Paris. He arrived in France without speaking the language and with only 5 Pounds in his pocket. He had a series of small time jobs, which helped him survive through the day. Worth took the first notable job in 1852, when he was hired as a sales assistant, at Gagelin-Opigez & Cie, a famous silk producing firm. While working in this company, he got accustomed with this industry and not long after, he began sewing dresses. Even though the clothing were following a simple and common pattern, he quickly caught the eye of the clients. Worth started building a reputation and a lot of clients were requesting products from his personal line of work. Considering young Worth’s popularity and native talent, Gagelin decided to let him open a dress department, based entirely on his creations. This was Worth’s official entrance into the fashion world.


Because he had higher goals to achieve and he already became a personality in the fashion industry, Worth decided to leave Gagelin-Opigez and to start his own company. Partnering with a Swedish businessman, he managed to create his own business, naming it Worth and Bobergh.

In 1860, Worth designed a ball dress for Princess de Metternich and when Empress Eugenie saw that dress, she asked more about the designer and demanded to see him as soon as possible. After designing dresses for the Empress, he embraced an international success and now, the whole world knew about Charles Frederick Worth and his impressive creations. Soon, his fashion house grew from 50 employees to more than 1,200 and he was receiving orders from all around the world.


Worth was the first designer who included trimmings and lavish fabrics in a dress and also, the first one to organize live presentations, using models. However, because the crinoline type of dresses were impractical, Worth wanted to change that and to adopt a new stile. That’s why, he decided to create the “walking dress”, a shorter and more practical clothing accessory. This dress was the topic of many controversies, because it was considered by many too short and too vulgar. Despite the controversies, it soon became popular in the entire world.


Even though Charles Frederick Worth’s creations may not look as our current clothing, he was the one who put the bases of our current fashion. Many designers are still creating their products according to Worth’s ideas and it’s certain that modern fashion design wouldn’t have been where it is today, without him.



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